The couple were in good company, joined by the likes of Nicole Kidman and Kristen Stewart for the star-studded event.


Jamie recently spoken out about his sex life after the Fifty Shades Of Grey franchise, insisting that S&M still never comes into it.


'No. I'm not into that,' he told 'My wife isn't either. It's funny. Obviously there's a huge market for it, a lot of people are into a certain type of sex but I am just not one of those people.


'It doesn't interest me at all. So, I don't think those roles have had any influence over our sex life.'


Jamie caused quite a furor last month when he brought nudity to gritty crime drama The Fall on the BBC.


But Jamie went on to say that he does not spend too much time in the gym honing his physique because he'd rather be with children Dulcie, 3, and nine-month-old Phoebe.


'I've got young kids and I don't want to be away from them in a gym just pushing heavy stuff around, that's not fun. I'd would rather be fit doing sport,' he said.


Jamie gave a rare insight into home life during an interview on ITV's This Morning last month.


He told the presenters that having children was 'brilliant' and 'the most magical thing in the world.'


Jamie went on to say that Dulcie loved being a sister and can't wait to see the baby each day before anything else.